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The Cheese Cave

All prices are subject to change without notice, also according to availability, and are not guaranteed, for the latest price list please contact Linda directly.

Hard Cheeses

  • 1-3 aged months R275/kg; (R55 for 200g)
  • 4-11 aged months R325/kg; (R65 for 200g)
  • 1 year+ aged R400/kg (R80 for 200g)
  • Please note cheeses are cut by hand.
Holy Cheese
Manchego Style. Basket Cheese


Mozzarella Balls R185/kg
Mozzarella knots R40/200g
Mozzarella plaits R185/kg
Mozzarella Bocconcini R48/ 200g
Mozzarella Burrata R275/kg

*Made to order only R275/kg (Loadshedding dependent.)

More Cheese!

Halloumi R175/ kg
Labneh R80
Robiola R200/kg
Ricotta R120/kg frozen

Stinky Cheeses!

Full Moon R286/kg
Grey Moon R290 /kg
Blue Moon R300/kg

Dairy Products:

Farm fresh milk R24/ litre
Milk Glass bottle R41
Greek style yogurt R45 MADE WEEKLY
Butter R220/ kg (frozen)
Keifer R35
Amish Quick Melting R174/kg
Paneer R180/kg Frozen

Farm Style Products:

Rusks R50/bag

Ciabatta R22 Made Weekly

Strawberry & Lemon Marmalade R43

Margarita Marmalade

Papaya jam

Blue- and raspberry jam

Pineapple preserve

Ginger preserve

Pickled beetroot

Pickled jalapeƱos

Vanilla extract

Raspberry vinegar