Our Story

Meet Linda

Passionate about cheese, her cows, family, and life! She is the owner of Inyamazane Farm.

I think the best place to start is where it all started: on a little farm when I was very young.

I was raised on a smallholding in the south of Johannesburg. We had chickens and the biggest veggie garden in the whole world. This also meant that we had fresh eggs and seasonal veggies all the time. Up the road, Aunty Tinki had two milk cows and we got our milk from her. The thing I remember fondly was the cream. My mom would decant the milk into jugs that then stood in the fridge overnight. The next day the first person to breakfast got to scoop the cream off the top and add it to their morning tea or porridge. Growing up like this I feel was the best part of my childhood.


Amos has been working with me since August 2016. He is my right-hand man around the farm, helping to take care of the land, the vegetables, the horses, and the cows.

The girls know his voice and footsteps off by heart, and they happily allow him to lead them to their grazing spots at different places each day. So if you see Amos and a small herd of Jerseys ambling along the streets of Glenferness, please give him a friendly wave!


Thabang helps me with all sorts of tasks around the farm. Taking care of my horse, and sheep & milking the cows when Amos is on leave.